Unforgettable Adriatic Cruise


It is our pleasure to present you MS Emanuel, a yacht like a small cruiser and an ideal solution for spending your holiday and exploring all the tiny ports of call, magical hidden spots of innumerable islands and historical gems along the Croatian coast.

The pleasant and intimate atmosphere on board, entirely dedicate to fun and relaxation, will provide the perfect setting for a great cruise. Enjoy the Dalmatian specialties and other delicious meals, which are freshly prepared and presented by our highly trained chef.

With its perfect size, panoramic views from beautifully decorated restaurant, its elegant 18 – double cabins and spacious sundeck, attentive and professional crew, MS Emanuel will satisfy your refined expectation for an exciting and wonderful journey along the Adriatic coast.

Let us help you escape from your everyday routines and show you the magic of a truly great vacation. Sail with MS Emanuel from city to city, from island to island…embark for a cruise your will never forget.

Company Details

O.R.S.A.B. d.o.o.
Poljicka Cesta 124
21314 Jesenice, CROATIA
Tel: +385 98 00 518
Fax: +385 21 872 899

Bank name:
Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.
Petrinjska 59,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
IBAN: HR 4424840081101751165

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